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So, it’s been a month since my last blog. What’s new?

Only everything. I sit in my condo, which is now also my office. Today I took part in four web meetings. Beside me are spreadsheets to work on in the morning, after I have a phone call with my boss. Sunday I had virtual coffee with a friend over teleconference. Something called COVID19 came into our lives this year, at first a rumor and then a wailing siren, sending the world spinning out of control.

Times like these have a way of fraying one’s nerves, whether you’re the average person and are spending a lot more time in your house or work in health care and no longer remember what your house looks like. Here’s hoping my particular solution to enforced home-dwelling can help both parties, at least a little bit.

This weekend, inspired by Stephen Colbert filming “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” in his house, I decided to try out the recorder on my iPhone. I recorded the first chapter of No Accounting for Destiny.

Back in my early twenties, I read textbooks aloud for Recording for the Blind. They had professional recording equipment and sound-proof booths. Turns out there’s a reason for that. On my first recording, you can clearly hear the sound of rain pattering on my skylight. For round two, I upgraded to the inside of my coat closet. This just in: my coat closet desperately needs cleaning and I may never regain feeling in my legs. But the recording quality went up. It’s still a little tinny. An iPhone is not yet a substitute for a real microphone.

I am not the only one trying to create using limited means. Artists around the world are finding new ways to do what they do, even under the current constraints. Maybe you’re trying something creative to pass the time. I hope so. Times like these remind us that art doesn’t just entertain, it feeds us. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find that you still want to write poetry or sketch or sing karaoke after life gets back to something approaching what we knew before.

When you click on the book below, it’ll take you to another page, where a little gray box should play the chapter for you. I hope this segment helps make the time on your own a little more fun. Let me know what you think. If you like listening, maybe I’ll spend some more quality time with my trench coat. And let me know what you’re creating!

Kimberly is going to stretch now.

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