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Shout if you love MARKETING!

My house is very quiet right now.

Maybe you have a house full of people who love selling concepts and pushing product and have a gift for network. Me, I love watching Netflix and I have a gift for sharing the couch with my cat. We all have different strengths. It makes for a balanced world, but it does not make for good Kimberly Emerson book sales.

I’m smart enough to ask for help when I need it, so I reached out to a friend. Paul’s opening questions were pretty standard. “What have you done so far? Do you have a website?” I said that I had tried a post boost on Facebook and yes, I have a website. He looked for the post on Facebook and couldn’t find it. He pulled it up my website, which looks super boring on a smartphone.

I said I was bad at this.

Paul had some good suggestions for me, including a shift in how I view marketing, honing my logline (okay, maybe having a logline), and posting mini-book readings on Instagram. These are definite, achievable things and I can do them. I’m guessing marketing will never sit square in my comfort zone, but eventually it might end up comfort zone-adjacent.

…Which is fitting, because that was the thought that went through my head the whole time I was writing this book. We all have amazing gifts, and we all have stuff that gets in the way of using them. I want this book to make you laugh, and to make you think, “Okay…what if I tried to follow my heart, just one more time?”

What then?

Kimberly’s comfort zone is expanding like spandex pants on Thanksgiving.

Kimberly Emerson
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