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Months have passed, and we’re still in pandemic shutdown. I wish I could say I’ve been delightfully creative during this time. Sadly, no. I’ve spent a lot of time complaining and playing games on my iPad, when not attending meetings on Zoom.

We all long for what’s out there, Zoe.

One thing struck me this morning, however, during our weekly Zoom church service. Pastor Lyda asked us all to come up with something that has changed for the better during this time of shutdown.

My last blog back in May discussed changes made during this time that we might want to keep. I struggled to find something new, something real and tangible that I felt had actually changed for the better in my own life, but I finally came up with something: deeper connections with friends. When I ask, “How are you?” it isn’t a formality. I really want to know, and my friends take time and thought in their answers. Instead of fine, I get, “Ok, I guess,” or “I’ve been depressed lately,” or “You know, I’m actually okay right now, all things considered,” and then we talk about why they feel that way. They ask the same of me. Friends lovingly take me to task if I’ve been depressed and haven’t contacted them. We are here for each other in a very real way, even if it is virtually.

Let’s be clear – no amount of looking on the bright side will make a pandemic into a positive thing. Millions of people have gotten sick. The U.S. surpassed 230,000 deaths from this disease. Everything from getting married to burying loved ones happens completely differently now, and it hurts.

But in this pandemic, and especially in this fractious election season, it is good to know that we are not alone. I treasure that, and I will try to maintain these connections, whatever the future holds.

Kimberly wishes you peace. May we all remember that we are connected.

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