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Welcome to June! I spent May posting a new blog every day. (That strange tapping sound is me patting myself on the back.) This gave me a great feeling of intellectual accomplishment, though I didn’t notice any particular uptick in the number of hits my blog gets. Still, I enjoyed the challenge.┬áSince I knew I’d be on vacation at the end of the month, I started to write a couple a day on the weekends, scheduling when each one would come out, so I actually had the whole month written and scheduled for publication by May 21. Who knows – maybe I’ll do another month-long challenge soon. Starting each blog with an inspirational quote meant I didn’t have to start each from scratch, which helped. Maybe next time I’ll stick with quotes from movies or TV shows, to try to see if I can find glimpses of meaning delivered through pop culture.

I really liked the shorter blog format. My standard blogs are between 1000 and 1500 words, and that may be a longer commitment than most people want to make to a blog post. While I enjoy the chance to express myself, I found the shorter format equally enjoyable. I like being honest on the page. (Screen. Whatever.) Our world deals in illusion, particularly the illusion that everyone else has life figured out while we are still struggling. I’m here to bust that myth open. As long as I can do that in a piece, the length doesn’t matter as much as I thought it did.

Sometimes things must be said, so I can’t see myself giving up on the longer posts forever, but change helps the mind to grow. For now, I’ll embrace it.

What’s new in your life? What’s working for you?

Kimberly could be on vacation right this second. You never know.

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