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Cowardly Valor

“Then prove yourself, Doctor. What are you, coward or killer?”

“Coward. Any day.”

The 9th Doctor, on Doctor Who

Extreme heat waves are terrific for many things. They increase flexibility, ease stiff joints and render hair dryers completely superfluous. They’re also great for diminishing focus on body issues. When temps approach triple digits, “Do I have the arm muscles to wear sleeveless tops?” is a question no one asks, right up there with “Should we turn the fan on?” or “Is deodorant worth the money?” High temperatures don’t, however, do much for blog writing when you don’t have air conditioning. Sharing space with any item that generates heat falls to the bottom of the to-do list.

Hence, my August blog series did not get finished in August. But I couldn’t resist finishing it up here in September, because I love this quote so very much. Yes, I realize that this makes two quotes from Doctor Who. In my defense, the tenth Doctor said the first one and the ninth Doctor said this one. For those of you rolling your eyes, allow me a bit of explanation. Doctor Who fans can have long conversations about which Doctor was the best. Me, I have trouble deciding between #9 and #10. I love, love, love David Tennant. He’s completely adorable in every way, as was his #10. Something about Christopher Eccleston’s #9, however, intrigues me in a different way. At the end of the day, I always knew #10 would do the right thing. With #9 – I was never quite sure until he did it. Hearing these words from #9 took me by surprise.

Like most people, I think I would do whatever I had to in order to protect my loved ones. If the biggest downside to letting someone live was that people would think me a coward, however, I like to think I’d live with the label. You’re only a coward if you think you are. Being a killer has a more concrete measure.

Kimberly is relieved to have this heat wave behind her.





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