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Monday Moments: Communion

Every October, my church hangs up flags for World Communion Sunday. I love this time of year. The tradition started a couple of decades ago. The church bought flags to represent the national heritage of each member of the congregation. Flags are never discarded, even when members leave or pass away, but we add new ones when people join whose backgrounds aren’t yet represented.  All in all, I believe we have about fifty of them hanging up now, representing countries on all six continents with people on them. (Nothing for Antarctica, it’s true. I blame this on our lack of penguin membership, but perhaps it’s time to represent them in spirit.)

We talk a lot about communion in church, and like all protestant churches, we celebrate it with bread and grape juice. (Maybe pita and Cran-apple, in a pinch.) In my head, however, the coming together, the celebration, the embodiment of Christ’s spirit becomes fully realized when we gather under the flags, and remember that whichever countries we come from, we are all people with love to give.

Sometimes that love gets buried under a lot of garbage, and has a hard time making its way out. But it’s always there.

Kimberly will bake cookies for anyone who can identify all the flags – without help from Google.


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